Elisabeth Breckenridge

Wedding and Birth Photographer based out of Moncton NB

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I believe there is beauty everywhere. Truth is beautiful. Emotion is beautiful.

I want to take that truth and emotion and create poetry in photography.

Photographer self portrait in blue flowers

• My name is Elisabeth, or Lis. I don't care which you use so long as you spell it with an 'S'.
• I wear my hair up in a bun almost every day because I have little children that like to pull it, or it gets in front of my lens.
• I like coffee (I think most people do - except for my husband perhaps). I love cheese. Cheese is my love language and the way to my heart.
• Whenever I drive somewhere I always take a different route home. It's my rule. (I do it for the adventure).
• I love exploring new places, and get easily bored with 'sameness'. I think this is why I rearrange all my furniture every 3 months, and repaint my rooms so often.
• Always a daddy's girl. Also a Jesus follower.
• Ask me about all the places/countries I have lived in.

I’ve been a full time photographer in Moncton NB since 2009 – witnessing love in action; seeing families grow; giving people the chance to relive their most important moments.

My Photography Style

Real and Raw. Little details and big feelings. The hidden moments in between.
Working together with you to create and capture real moments.

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