Elisabeth Breckenridge

Wedding and Birth Photographer based out of Moncton NB

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I believe there is beauty everywhere. Truth is beautiful. Emotion is beautiful.

I want to take that truth and emotion and create poetry in photography.

Photographer self portrait in blue flowers

• My name is Elisabeth, or Lis. I don't care which you use so long as you spell it with an 'S'.
• I wear my hair up in a bun almost every day because I have little children that like to pull it, or it gets in front of my lens.
• I like coffee (I think most people do - except for my husband perhaps). I love cheese. Cheese is my love language and the way to my heart.
• Whenever I drive somewhere I always take a different route home. It's my rule. (I do it for the adventure).
• I love exploring new places, and get easily bored with 'sameness'. I think this is why I rearrange all my furniture every 3 months, and repaint my rooms so often.
• Always a daddy's girl. Also a Jesus follower.
• Ask me about all the places/countries I have lived in.

I’ve been a full time photographer in Moncton NB since 2009. I still feel honoured every time a couple hands me that back stage pass to some of their most important and authentic moments. This is my passion: witnessing love in action; seeing families grow; giving people the chance to relive their most important moments.

How I Shoot

It's not 1980 anymore. The time to stare into the lens and smile has passed.
I want to capture the real you, your connection and personality. I want you to show me your most raw, most authentic self. Show me how you express your love.

I want to capture the real moments. The little details and the big feelings. The perfectly imperfect. I want to get the loud stuff and the quiet stuff. The hidden moments in between.

Let me show you the beauty of story.

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