Real Moments

- Since -

- 2005 -

international Wedding & Birth Photographer

based in moncton nb

Elisabeth Breckenridge

Driven by nostalgia, a love of poetry, and the need to stop time,

I have dedicated decades to perfecting the art of imagery and storytelling.

I have travelled across continents with my clients, shooting their most joyful of celebrations and their most heartbreaking of losses. Lives born, lives joined together, lives lost and every ordinary moment in between.

Those are the moments that make us.

I want you to remember how the moment Feels

I Capture




The Quiet

in between



Most of my photos are not "camera aware".

I don't want fake smiles while you stare blankly into the camera and say cheese. Instead, I gently direct you through a real experience, as you genuinely connect with those you love.

I focus on connections because love never goes out of style. It's not about being technically perfect - because life is messy. Moments should be lived and memories should be felt.

My favourite images are of the moments that you missed; those moments in between. A stolen glance your way, a quick kiss, a solitary tear.

Some stuff you (Don't) need to know about me

i like to read sad books

I aM

INTJ , Enneagram 4/1

and my favourite flower is a thistle

Every few months i

i have

four kids at home

Rearrange my furniture/paint a room

I started this business

i love ice cream, cookies and cake

but hate pie and doughnuts

Over 15 years ago

i change all my

When I travel I always drive home

on a different road than I took

handsoaps seasonally