Little Things about me...
(aside from the fact that I'm a photographer in Moncton)
Photographer self portrait in blue flowers

• My name is Elisabeth, or Lis. I don't care which you use so long as you spell it with an 'S'. I am a daddy's girl and an ardent follower of Yeshua. I lived in Jerusalem for 7 years growing up.
• I wear my hair up in a bun almost every day because I have little children that like to pull it, or it gets in front of my lens.
• I like coffee (I think most people do - except for my husband perhaps). I love cheese. Cheese is my love language and the way to my heart. Whenever I drive somewhere I always take a different route home. It's my rule. (I do it for the adventure).
• I love exploring new places, and get easily bored with 'sameness'. I think this is why I rearrange all my furniture every 3 months, and repaint my rooms so often.

Image of a photographer

I’ve been a full time photographer in Moncton NB since 2009. I still feel honoured every time a couple hands me that back stage pass to some of their most important and authentic moments. This is my passion: seeing how hard others love and can be loved. Seeing families grow.

How I Shoot

It's not 1980 anymore. The time to stare into the lens and smile has passed.
I want to capture the real you, your connection and personality. I want you to show me your most raw, most authentic self. Show me how you express your love.

I want to capture that real moments. The little details and the big feelings. The perfectly imperfect. I want to get the loud stuff and the quiet stuff. The hidden moments in between.

Let me show you the beauty of story.

Your Turn

Answers to some questions you didn't even know you had

Is this your full time job?

Yes. (Unless you count diaper changing and dish washing)

Do you have liability insurance?

Yep. All the business stuff. Check.

Do you have backup?

Heck yeah! These are some of your most important moments! I have backups for all my equipment, triple backups for image storage, as well as a backup for myself personally.

Are you going to help pose us/ direct us at all?

I will. But I promise you won't have to stay stuck that way.

What should I wear?

For a wedding? Whatever you want! Lol
Wear something that reflects your style. But don't be afraid to step it up. Go epic. Dress everyone in complimenting colours, but nothing has to be matchy matchy.
And layer.
And accessorize.
And try to stay away from plain solids with nothing else. That's just sad.

What are the hidden costs?

There shouldn't be any. I'm not trying to "Hide" anything!
There is a surcharge for travel, and for late booking.
If you choose to print photos, you pay for your printed product. You can do this through your gallery directly (great quality), or anywhere you want to (Walmart has horrible colours!).
Otherwise, your images are free to use! Anywhere. Anytime.
Only remember that you must tag @lacewoodstudios to do so.

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