Real Moments

- Since -

- 2005 -

international Wedding & Birth Photographer

based in moncton nb

Elisabeth Breckenridge

I believe there is beauty everywhere.

Truth is beautiful. Emotion is beautiful.

Everything is poetry.

I have travelled across continents with my clients, shooting through the most joyful of celebrations and the most heartbreaking of losses. Lives born, lives joined together, lives lost and every ordinary moment in between. Those are the moments that make us.

I'm about capturing those real, once-in-a-lifetime moments so that they are never lost.

photography is more than a picture, it's

Beautiful Monuments to the places we have been and the people we have loved

Some stuff you (don't) need to know about me

I'm obsessed with:

I actually have a degree

in theology

coffee, books, travel & charcuterie

My favorite people

Nothing makes me happier than

are cute

(but drive me crazy sometimes)

kids singing to themselves

as if no one can hear them.

I’m weird like

My perfect Passtime is

singing in choir and

driving down new roads

re-arranging my furniture

every three months....

My best friend

I started this business

when I was pregnant with my 1st

has 8 kids

I Capture






The in between

Most of my photos are not "camera aware".

I don't want fake smiles while you stare blankly into the camera and say cheese. Instead, I gently direct you through a real experience, as you genuinely connect with those you love.

Your images are monuments, and must therefore be timeless and beautiful. I focus on the connection you have with your loved ones because love never goes out of style. Allowing yourself to feel freely will always give the most beautiful memories.

Some of my favourite images are of the moments that you missed; those moments in between. A stolen glance your way, a quick kiss, a quiet tear.

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