My Answers to Some Questions You Have
and to some you didn't even know you had

I’m for being up front with all my information, because hiring a photographer shouldn’t be complicated.

And having your photos taken shouldn’t be scary.


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What are the hidden costs?

There shouldn't be any. I'm not trying to "Hide" anything!

There is a surcharge for travel, and for late booking.

If you choose to print photos, you pay for your printed product. You can do this through your gallery directly (great quality), or anywhere elseyou want to (Walmart has horrible colours, I don't suggest them!).

Otherwise, your images are free to use! Anywhere. Anytime.
Only remember that you must tag @lacewoodstudios to do so.

How do I book?

To book we must agree on a day/time, and you must pay the retainer fee, which is non-refundable.

Before booking a wedding, I will also meet with you for a chat and a drink. Relationship is important, and weddings have a lot of details to discuss.

What should I wear?

For a wedding? Something special! Lol
For all other sessions:
Wear something that reflects your style. But don't be afraid to step it up. Go epic. Dress everyone in complimenting colours, but nothing has to be matchy matchy.
And layer.
And accessorize.
And try to stay away from plain solids with nothing else (because that's just sad.)

Are you going to help pose us/ direct us at all?

I want your photos to be honest, genuine moments full of emotion. But that doesn't mean you will be left standing awkwardly in front of the lens.
You are not a professional model (well, most people aren't).
I will give you direction. You don't have to stay still like a statue. It will be fun, and it's never "as bad as you thought it was going to be" (ahem, gentlemen).

Is this your full time job?

Yes. The only one that pays me, anyway. (Because washing dishes and vacuuming don’t.)

Do you have backup?

Heck yeah! These are some of your most important moments! I have backups for all my equipment, triple backups for image storage, as well as a backup shooters for myself personally for weddings.

What about insurance?

Yep. All the official business stuff. Check.

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