The Birth Photography Experience

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Birth: it swirls around you like a whirlwind. You turn inward and focus your energy on the task before you. And then - they are here. They take their first breath and your heart is no longer your own. You hold them and it is the greatest moment of all.

There are no do-overs. You can not re-create this moment. This is the moment you will relive in your memory forever with amazement and overwhelming nostalgia.

Make a First Moment Last


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As with wedding photos, birth photography gives you monuments to those first-ever, life-altering, no-do-over moments: the first breath, the first time you hold your child in your arms.

Birth photography is NOT just a crotch shot, but it IS the whole story of your strength, the people who support you, and the day your child is born into this world.

What is Birth Photography?

Having a professional birth photographer present will provide freedom: your partner will be free to support you, you will be free to turn your focus inward. It gives you vision: a chance to see how strong you really are, to see the look on your face when you first lay eyes on your child, to see the love of those around you. And also it gives you a unique perspective: the chance to process this pivotal event.

Why do I need a Birth Photographer?

I reserve an exclusive 2 week period for you where I accept no other clients. Starting a few weeks prior to your anticipated due date - and until baby arrives - I will be on call for you 24/7.

Call me at the first signs of any action (day or night). I arrive when labour is established/active and stay until 2 hours post delivery.

When Will you be on call and present?

how many images do i receive and when?

You will receive a few preview images of baby immediately following the birth so that you can share the news with family and friends!

Your full online private gallery, with unlimited images in both colour and black & white will be delivered within 6 weeks time. Your images are all professionally edited. You also receive personal sharing rights.

Will my images be modest?

Some women want to share their entire birth experience, in all its natural glory, with the world to empower others. I am comfortable with that. Some women are more private in their modesty and prefer only non-revealing images. I'm good with that too.

You always have the choice of what you do/do not wish for me to share.

Why i believe birth photography is an essential service

A luxury is something you can afford to live without.

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