Birth Photography FAQ

Make a First Moment Last Forever


What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is like Wedding photography, except without the cake. (Just kidding, you should definitely buy cake. After all, your child only gets one real BIRTH day, and you’ve earned it.)
It gives you monuments. A Monument to those first-ever, life-altering, no-do-over moments. Your child's first breath. Your first embrace.
It is not just a crotch shot. It IS the whole story of your strength, of the people who support you, and of the day your child enters this world.

Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

A professional birth photographer gives your partner the freedom to support you. It gives you the chance to gain perspective and process the event. See how strong you are. See your family's expression; looks that only lasted a second and you missed while you pushed with your eyes closed and noticed nothing. See the joy on your face when you hold your baby that first time.
Don't let a First moment be lost. Make it last Forever.

Safe and Supported

I have given birth four times now. I have photographed many other births. I understand labour can be a very vulnerable but also powerful time for you as a woman.
Though I am not a doula, I am there to hold space for you. You will be supported and encouraged in every decision. No judgment.

How does it work?

I am on call for you 24/7, with an exclusive two week period where I will not accept an other birth clients.
When you feel labour "may" be starting, you call me (any time of day).
When labour is active, I come (any time of day).
While you labour I capture all the details, all the moments, in as quiet and unobtrusive a way as possible. No directing. No posing. No harsh flashing. No distractions.

A Question of Modesty

Some women want to share their entire birth experience, in all its natural glory, with other women to help empower them. I am comfortable with that.
Other women feel more private in their modesty, and prefer only images that reveal nothing personal. I'm good with that too.
Every birth image I use publicly has always been ok'ed by my mothers beforehand. You have the power.

In the Birth Package

Every package includes a consultation to establish our relationship, put you at ease and answer all your questions.

Following the birth, you will receive your images within 4-6 weeks, delivered via online gallery as high resolution digital files. Images are edited in both colour and black+white versions. You will have personal printing and sharing rights. Every gallery has been lovingly curated and created by myself to best tell your story - and you can expect many images.

Birth. It swirls around you like a whirlwind, and all your energy is focused on labouring. And then you baby is here. They take their first breath; You hold them for the first time. It’s the GREATEST moment of all.

There are no do-overs, there is no recreating this moment. THIS moment you that will relive over and over again in your memory, always with amazement and an overwhelming nostalgia.

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