Birth Photography is Essential and not a Luxury

Life is made up of so many beautiful LITTLE everyday moments.

And then, there are the BIG moments. The days that, good or bad, will change you forever.
Days that you will NEVER WANT TO FORGET, but might.
Days that you will WANT TO RELIVE OVER AND OVER, but that will only happen once.

Most people consider something like Birth Photography to be a luxury expense. But I’m convinced that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for your emotional health and your heart. Let’s start with the stating the obvious. But then I want to expose the mystery.

Your Child’s Birth Day will be One the the Most Important Days of your Life

This experience will CHANGE your life FOREVER! Whether it plays out exactly as your hope and dream, or whether it goes in a completely unexpected direction, you will NEVER be the same. This is the start of one of the most beautiful works we will ever do.

This experience is full of firsts. And this only happens the once. There will be no do-overs. There will only be one chance to capture all those firsts.

The First Breathe.

The First Look.

The First Hold.

….but let me share the first secret with you:

You WILL miss it. You WILL NOT experience it all.

Birthing is intense. It is a turning inwards on oneself. It is pure focus and a mind consuming bodily task. Towards the end, you will not notice who is with you and what is going on around you.

You could ask your birthing partner or one of the attendants to take some photos – but then they will be neglecting you. Chances are they will forget to take photos instead.

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Here is the Second Mystery:

For those who’ve never given birth before (or maybe even for some who have), here is one SUPER IMPORTANT thing that you need to know, but no one is talking about –

Whether good or bad, YOU WILL need to process this afterwards. To unravel the complex tapestry, as it were.

I’ll say it again: You are going to have to process this! It may sound insignificant, but being able to properly process the events of the birth is actually HUGELY important to your emotional well being and to your ability to parent well.

And the key to finding peace in this debrief is something only a birth photographer can give you:

A True, Unbiased, and Outside perspective on the Birth.

And this is why the response I receive every time from my previous birth moms, undoubtedly and without exception, is “I needed those photos.”

“I didn’t know how much I was going to need those images”

“I thought it was so hard, and I didn’t realize how strong I was. But seeing it from an outsider’s perspective made me look at it completely differently.”

“I didn’t even realize that those things happened. I only saw it for the first time in my photos.”

That is why, in my opinion, investing in Birth Photos is the greatest gift a new mother can give to herself.

Because your emotional well being is not a luxury. And being able to relive the most beautiful and important moments of your life isn’t something only a few people should get to do.

For real.

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