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Make a First Moment Last Forever
I didn't realize just how important my birth photos would be in processing the birth until after I received them.  ~Beth, mother of 7
"I didn't realize just how important my birth photos would be in processing the birth until after I received them."
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Birth. It swirls around you like a whirlwind, and all your energy is focused on labouring. And then you baby is here. They take their first breath; You hold them for the first time. It’s the GREATEST moment of all.

There are no do-overs, there is no recreating this moment. THIS moment you that will relive over and over again in your memory, always with amazement and an overwhelming nostalgia.

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Birth photography gives you monuments. A Monument to those once-in-a-lifetime, first ever moments. You take photos of every other great life event: Weddings, Graduations, Vacations, even meals, so why not your birth? It’s definitely a moment worth treasuring.

Think of it like a wedding, except without the cake. (Just kidding, you should definitely buy cake. After all, your child only gets one real BIRTH day, and you’ve earned it.)

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When you hire a professional birth photographer, you can let your partner be free to support you. You give yourself the chance to look back and see how strong you were. You see the looks on everyone’s faces; looks that only lasted a second, while you pushed with your eyes closed and noticed nothing. You can see the relief on your face when you hold your baby that first time. Without a photo, the details of that moment can be lost.

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What to Expect when Hiring a Birth Photographer

Birth is an unpredictable and unique experience. I know, I’ve been through four myself. I have also photographed others. I understand labour is a very vulnerable but also powerful time for you as a woman.

As your birth photographer I will be on call 24/7 for you. During your labour, I will be discreet and unobtrusive, a non-judgmental part of your birth. There to provide emotional support and assistance.

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I will capture each moment as it happens and each detail (mostly without use of flash) careful not to interfere or distract you while still encouraging you.

Your photos will be modest and tasteful. Birth Photography is NOT about getting a crotch shot. Birth Photography is about capturing all the emotions, the moments, the people and the events that tell the story of your child’s first day. You can feel safe, knowing that nothing revealing will be used publicly by myself.

Your Birth Photography Packages includes: all of your successful images, edited and in high resolution as digital files, in both colour and black+white versions, along with personal printing and sharing rights. Every gallery has been lovingly curated and created by myself to best tell your story – and you can expect many images.

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