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A Merciful Birth – Midwife Attended Home Birth


A healthy, natural and un-medicated birth at home, attended by midwives who are old friends, and the world's best Doula (a.k.a the birthing woman's husband). This birth was one of the most peaceful...

Baby Taylor – A Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session at Home


It was a joy to capture this photos of baby Taylor at home with his mom and dad. They did such a great job setting up his nursery in neutral colours, with a modern geometric pattern on the wall and accents of green plants.

Un-medicated Hospital Birth in Saint John, NB


One rainy Wednesday morning I got a phone call: "My water broke and contractions are pretty close." It was go time.

The 3 Most Important Things your Marriage Needs


Marriage is awesome! And hard. Look here for the Top 3 Most important things a marriage needs, in this in-home, intimate lifestyle couples session.

Good Photos vs. Great


If you are looking for the best local photographer, the options can feel daunting. Good is no longer good enough. So what is a great image?

Home to Hospital Midwife Assisted Birth


This first time mom labours at home for a long time before being transferred to the hospital in a snow storm during this midwife assisted birth.

Erica + Ying – Moncton Maternity and Newborn Session


A lot of the maternity and newborn photo sessions that I {am so blessed to get to} shoot, are former brides and grooms of mine. Getting to follow couples from the very beginning of their journey and o...

A Victorious Home Birth


Birth Photos for Wedding Clients The birth of your child is one of the most defining moments of your life. Ten years ago I travelled to Chicago to shoot the wedding of this dynamic couple. Now ...

Into the Woods


Let's be frank: some days are rough. If you're anything like me (and let's just assume that you are), you're juggling a career and a family and a home, as well as any extra curricular you may have sig...

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