A Photographer's Journal

Sara + Brad | Beautiful Halifax Peggy’s Cove Wedding Sara and Brad knew they wanted wedding photos at Peggy's Cove - a very iconic East Coast scene - where Brad had originally intended to propose before a snow storm altered his plan. Danielle + Luke: A Tearful Fredericton Wedding at Brunswick Street Baptist and The Tipsy Muse The First Wedding of the season is always special - and spending the day with Danielle and Luke was no exception. Over the number of times we had met and spent time together in our 'long distance' Mo... Un-medicated Hospital Birth in Saint John, NB One rainy Wednesday morning I got a phone call: "My water broke and contractions are pretty close." It was go time. The 3 Most Important Things your Marriage Needs Marriage is awesome! And hard. Look here for the Top 3 Most important things a marriage needs, in this in-home, intimate lifestyle couples session. Find Your Wedding Style Are you a classic or an edgy bride? Take the Wedding Style Quiz and find out! How to Choose the Best Photographer and Get Great Photos If you are looking for the best local photographer, the options can feel daunting. Good is no longer good enough. So what is a great image? 4 Things Every Boho Maritime Wedding Needs Planning a boho wedding or elopement in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or PEI? Here are a few things you don't want to forget! My Focus and Passion as a Wedding Photographer An Intimate look at Lacewood Studios Photography Moncton - My passion and focus for poetry and art in Real Life. Home to Hospital Midwife Assisted Birth This first time mom labours at home for a long time before being transferred to the hospital in a snow storm during this midwife assisted birth. Why You Should Stop Making Goals (and what to do instead) This is an amazing era of small business and entrepreneurship booms. Everywhere you turn, it seems that local, family owned, and small business is on the rise and flourishing. We love the little uniqu... My New Brunswick Wedding was better than your Wedding I knew I had let the cat out of the bag when my bride said to me "You're really competitive aren't you?" But honestly I couldn't help it: the whole wedding day was just too perfect. It was definitely ... Erica + Ying – Moncton Maternity and Newborn Session A lot of the maternity and newborn photo sessions that I {am so blessed to get to} shoot, are former brides and grooms of mine. Getting to follow couples from the very beginning of their journey and o... Maritime Wedding Vendors that Have me Fan Girl-ing Working as a full time wedding photographer in the Maritimes for the past ten years, I've been to a LOT of weddings. I've met a LOT of local vendors (wedding venues, hair stylists and make-up artists... Do you Trust your Wedding Photographer? I feel like the photographer / bride&groom relationship is really one of trust. I am so honoured when couples entrust me as the keeper and captor of their wedding day memories. If you've picked th... Whispering Willow: A New Romantic Wedding Venue in New Brunswick Whispering Willow - An exciting new Romantic, all inclusive wedding venue in Scoudouc NB A good Wedding Venue is a gem! I was so lucky to get to be the first ever photographer to capture a wedding...
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