The First Wedding of the season is always special – and spending the day with Danielle and Luke was no exception. Over the number of times we had met and spent time together in our ‘long distance’ Moncton to Fredericton relationship, I was always impressed by Danielle’s ability to keep a level head and Luke’s unending smile.

Their wedding day threatened a lot of rain – but the weather held. Numerous other obstacles tried to steal their joy, from the timeline to the makeup failing (can you believe that is her naturally beautiful skin and eyes in all these images!), but this beautiful bride was determined to stay calm and to take pleasure in it all.

Getting dressed surrounded by friends and sweet family. An overjoyed father of the bride. A tearful and tender private exchange of vows before the ceremony. There were so many sweet and loving moments through out the day that my heart wanted to burst.

Following the beautiful traditional wedding ceremony at the Brunswick Street Baptist church, which included advice from the ‘ father regarding steering clear of frying pans, the whole wedding party took a coffee break. And what a coffee time it was. Thank you, Tipsy Muse, for the live Ceilidh and joyful sounds, and for the great drinks.

But I think, by far, my favourite part of the day was all the funny, and sappy words I got to experience during the many speeches at the reception.

Thank you, Danielle and Luke, for inviting me to witness so many intimate moments. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so thankful that I was able to be “exactly the Elisabeth you needed”.