There is poetry in moments; in the spaces between breaths.

Vows whispered and tears brushed aside.

Squeezing each other’s hands when you think no one is watching.

Spinning wildly in a field, under the trees, under the stars.

The laughter of all the people dearest to you in the world.

This is the beginning of your greatest adventure.

This might be your first time getting married in the Maritimes, but I’ve been to A LOT of weddings here! I’ve seen some great vendors, some okay vendors, and have had to console brides dealing with very disappointing vendors. My preferred vendors are just some of the wedding industry professionals that I have worked with in the past  and are ones that I/my brides have had positive experiences with.

If you know of a wedding venue or vendor that you do not see listed, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will let you know if there is a reason they are not found on my list.

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