Your Pregnancy. Your Child’s Birth. Those First Newborn Days. This is the Greatest Story you will Ever Tell.

But it only lasts for a moment. One moment that stretches on for the space of a breath that will change your life forever.

Having a child is one of life’s most powerful, emotional, pivotal experiences. Don’t let those moments be lost.

Pregnancy through Newborn

Morning sickness, sore joints, anxiety and mood swings or simple elation, glowing skin, and anticipation. Everything about your pregnancy is unique. This you, the you who exists carrying this child, will only exist for 40 (ish) weeks.

Celebrate this time and this you!

Ten tiny fingers and the cutest chubby toes. Breathing in the smell of baby milk breath. The slow unfurling, the gradual introduction to the newness of this world. Welcome, precious little one. You are greatly wanted.

Don't let these fleeting moments evaporate.

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