How to Hire a Good Wedding Photographer

If you say

Planning a wedding is fun, and not at all stressful.

I do this all the time!

then this blog is not for you

Ok, but in all seriousness, where do you even begin?


In my opinion, choosing you wedding photographer is the most important decision of them all!

After all, this person will be present during some of the most intimate and important moments of your life. They will see you cry. The will see you laugh. They will calm you down when you’re stressed. Chances are they will see you getting dressed…..

The pressure is on to choose the right wedding photographer for you!

Here are some brief and helpful steps you can take:

  1. Find photographers (multiple) whose ART you love. They don’t necessarily have to be local.
  2. Make sure they specialise in Weddings. This un-repeatable day calls for an expert.
  3. Book consultations. Get to know them. Have a chat. Have a drink.
  4. Ask lots of questions, such as:
    • “How many weddings have you shot?”
    • “I assume you shoot raw; What sorts of things do you edit and what don’t you edit?”
    • “Do you have backup for all your gear? For yourself? Do your cameras shoot to dual card slots?”
    • “Do you have business insurance?”
    • “What sort of presence do you have on a wedding day? (Do you come with lights on stands and have assistants who set things up? Or are you more in the background? Where do you stand during the ceremony? etc.)”
    • “What is your favourite part of shooting weddings?”
    • “What sort of prints and digitals does your package include?”

Simple:) An experienced and reliable wedding photographer will not be offended by your questions and should be happy to help.

Once you have selected the photographer you feel is best suited to you both, they should require a signed contract (this protects all persons involved), as well as a non-refundable booking fee. Wedding Photographers might start taking bookings one to two years out, so don’t put off hiring one until the last minute.

Best of luck!