Let’s be frank: some days are rough. If you’re anything like me (and let’s just assume that you are), you’re juggling a career and a family and a home, as well as any extra curricular you may have signed up for. Some days it feels like you’re trying to spin a dozen plates in the air and you only succeeded in making everything comes crashing to the ground. I’m sure you’ve heard of coping mechanisms?  I have some favourites, I’m sure you do also.

So here’s one of mine: Creation. Sure, it might not be on the official list, but I’m pretty sure it falls into one category or another of coping mechanisms. Finding a vent to the pent up energies and stresses by transforming them into something new. The law of conservation of energy. My husband comes home and I am ready. I have my camera in hand, and a model prepped. I am out the door and into the woods, to forget about the day and to get lost in creation.


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