Alysha + Alexi | Magnetic Hill Covid Wedding

October 17, 2020

Alysha and Alexi’s Wedding plans had to change a lot just the day before their wedding, because of strict Covid restrictions. Their wedding party (who were all family members) were able to take photos with them outdoors, but only 10 people total were allowed in the church for the ceremony.

Heavy rains drove us under the shelter of the covered bridge at Magnetic Hill, but did not stop the day from being fantastic in every way.

I asked Alysha and Alexi about their day, so they could tell you in their own words:

  1. What was your favourite moment/memory from your wedding day? Why did it have such an impact on you?
    “The moment Pastor declared us husband and wife. The second he declared it, I felt so blessed, the answer to my prayers, for many years, had finally just become true. “~ Alexi
    “Our first look at the covered bridge. The moment I’ve dreamt about for so long, the first moment I would see the love of my life on our most special day. The moment he turned around I suddenly had a rush of butterflies and emotions and I truly felt I was then looking at my husband for the first time. Even though I had already felt so much one with him before our wedding day….and his reaction of seeing me was so precious and beautiful!” ~ Alysha
  1. What advice (of any kind) would you give to a friend planning their wedding today?
    “Do not let the planning of a wedding hinder what is most important, which is the growth and unity of this time. Nothing during this time should be pulling you away from each other, and if it is, then its a detail that doesn’t belong. All the details you may be stressing about right in this moment and every moment of everyday, such as the flowers, the decor, the colours, the food, the wedding favours, every little detail. I know it all seems like such a big important matter and high priority to have every detail so perfect, but none of that is what makes your wedding beautiful and once you finally see each other on that day and you are standing there together at the alter….none and I mean NONE of those details will ever cross your mind.”

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