Mentoring Sessions for Photographers

Building your Skill Set

is your wisest business investment

I'm excited to announce that I am now offering mentoring courses for photographers! Receive one-on-one mentoring and support. Focus on specific areas of photography, and learn some of the most important tools to running a successful business!

Since I first starting working full time as a photographer 10 years ago, I have learned many valuable lessons. 10 years ago there were few resources available for people in my position, and I had to learn everything for myself (i.e. the hard way). I can’t even begin to imagine how much MORE I could have accomplished in these last 10 years if I started off knowing some of the things I know now!

The biggest mistake I have made in this business was not investing in the right education, in growing my business skill set, or in photography courses right from the beginning!

This is why I am so passionate about helping others achieve higher levels of professionalism and skill. I’m very excited to be offering these mentor sessions!

These days, I see photographers joining together as a community, building each other up, and sharing those professional secrets. I’m so glad to be a part of this community.

Coffee Talks

In these 2+ hour face to face Q&A sessions (coffee shop or Skype) we talk about anything and everything. We can cover business talk, editing and post processing, pricing, equipment, booking ideal clients, destination weddings, wedding day workflow, getting clients comfortable, marketing and social media, site strategies, and more!

Also included is a personal portfolio constructive evaluation, and tailored advice.

Coffee Talk Sessions are now only $250 (*possible discount offered for multiple sessions or group sessions).

Bride and groom smiling

These half day sessions are one-on-one, hands-on, and cover a wide range of essential knowledge. We will start off with a couple of hours of Q and A, going over questions you’ve prepped. Everything and anything, from business, pricing, equipment, booking ideal clients, destination weddings, wedding day flow, marketing and social media, and more!

Prior to your session, I study your portfolio in order to give personally tailored constructive evaluation and advice.

Then we’ll go out together and do a styled shoot that I arrange so that we can shoot together while I teach and show you how I get couples comfortable, get them to relax and interact, and how I use any type of light. After that, we will head back to the studio to edit together using your photos, and learn about post-processing workflow.

These incredibly insightful sessions are only $600 and will help equip you with many the tools you need to successfully run your photography business.

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