Her wedding day finally arrived and it was raining. Hard. The space in front of the pond where the ceremony was supposed to be, at a small Winery just outside of Moncton NB, was a puddle.

But this Bride never gave up hope. We waited until 5 minutes until the scheduled ceremony time, and then – the rain ACTUALLY stopped. The groomsmen and guests made quick work of bringing up all the chairs and the handmade arbour to set up the space outside. And the ceremony went on as planned.

Despite the grey and stormy looking skies, the energy of the day was all joy and tenderness, and the entire wedding was beautiful.

The moral of the Story: never give up hoping, and enjoy yourself despite the mud.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me, was there something you had to fight for one your wedding day? Do you have any regrets about things you should or should not have done? I’m curious to know!

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