A Whispering Willow Wedding – A Romantic wedding at an all inclusive luxury wedding venue in Scoudouc NB

Everyone planning a wedding knows how important it is to get those Big Three right: Venue, Wedding Photographer, and Dress. A good Wedding Venue is a gem! As one of Moncton’s Top Three Best Rated Wedding Photographers, I was so lucky to be the first ever photographer to capture a wedding at one of New Brunswick’s newest, all inclusive, luxury wedding Venues.

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Whispering Willow in Scoudouc offers everything you could want for a wedding, or any other function for that matter.  I could not have been more pleased to welcome them to the wedding industry in New Brunswick. A classy ‘house’ with romantic golden touches is available for the Bride, groom, and family to stay prior to the Wedding and following. The bridal suite has it’s own makeup room and Jacuzzi tub!

Rob and Renee were pampered with everything they needed, surrounded by great family and friends (there’s room for everyone!), their whole day was beautiful from the inside out.

Spending your wedding day by the pond, with friendly horses couldn’t be more magical.

Though a ceremony in front of the pond was an option, Rob and Renee chose to have both the ceremony and reception inside the upscale ‘barn’. Built specifically for events and weddings, this extra large area is draped in white sheets, with fire place, heated polished concrete floors, lovely washrooms and a bar. If you are having a large wedding, this venue will hold everyone you know!

Special thanks to the owners of Whispering Willow who designed all the decorations, arranged the flowers, and provided the excellent food and desserts. They truly made this wedding personal and effortless. So perfect!

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Some thoughts:


Since I moved to Moncton New Brunswick 10 years ago, things have really changed. I’m finding so much more art, so many more unique, one of a kind, small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and trend setting people. Maybe that not new and it’s just me; maybe they have been here all along and I just didn’t see it before, or maybe it really IS something new and exciting happening in our province.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about COMMUNITY. About the people we choose to surround ourselves with and to invest in. By nature, I am a very independent person. I like to do it by myself, and took pride that I didn’t have any help. But these past few months I’ve begun to see how very wrong I was. Perhaps even, my independent attitude was one of my greatest mistakes as a new photographer when I first started a decade ago. I didn’t want to have to ‘network’ with other wedding professionals, vendors and photographers back then.

Now I know that networking and being a part of the creative community in the Maritimes is the most important thing I can do! I want to know everyone who is here and creating and blazing trails and living out their lives trying to create the same as I am.