I’ve just recently returned from shooting a destination wedding in Mexico. Back to my current home in the Maritimes of Canada, from the sun to the cold. And let me tell you: it feels good. Good to be home in the cold (because I firmly believe that winters ought to be cold and summers hot). Back to my family in Moncton, my precious littles, who grew a whole year older during the nine days I was traveling.

Getting Back

I had a lot of time during my travels to do some intentional thinking. Self evaluation and purpose orientation. I think that, in order to grow the most, to go the furthest, all my actions need to stem from what is most dear to me. I need to get back to my roots.

Bride and groom look elated

What Motivates You?

Is it a moody cafe full of old books and rare music? Is it by the ocean, or in the forest? In a home surrounded by family or when you are working hardest? We all feel most alive, most at peace and most inspired in different ways. Around different things. When planning a wedding (or when deciding to give your life direction), I think this should be one of the first things we think on.

What does it look like for you?

For me it looks like tiny toes twirling, a good read, a hot cup of coffee, a deep conversation. I feel most alive when I am with those I love. I need to learn something new when I am bored. I am obsessed with all things earthy. With the raw nature of our love for each other, for the intense emotion of a mother holding her baby for the first time. The way a new couple looks into each other’s eyes.

How does your muse affect you in daily life? In your wedding planning? Should you ditch the large reception venue and find a cozy authentic restaurant to host you?  Should you elope in an epic location, or maybe play your own concert at your reception?

Bride and Groom intimate

I was so lucky last year to get to do some shooting in my hometown of Peterborough Ontario, with this super animated, fun loving and crazy couple! Being back on my old stomping grounds, creating awesome photos – with my little sister along side – was definitely a great moment. I feel inspired just looking through these images again!


So tell me where your roots grow deep, what muses you chase, what brings you alive?


I love this! I know I’m inspired most by traveling and new experiences and while you may like the cold as a Mexican-American born in California I know I thrive best in the warm and sunlight year-round 😉

Amazing how we acclimatize to our native homes! I’ve found that, no matter what the scenery is, a person almost always finds the lands where they grew up the most beautiful.

Hmm, what inspires me? Honest human connection. Real emotion. Goofiness. Crazy weather (especially rain and snow and fog!). Modern art. Traveling the world. Nature. <3

I love real human connection. The kind that goes right to the soul, and bypasses all the trivial and superficial.

My environment is full of some relaxing music, orchids, & my parrots who are my buddies. I love these photo btw!

Thank you. Orchids and parrots sounds very exotic!

What motivates me? Gosh, lots of things. I REALLY love traveling and being able to see the world. I love going to national parks and seeing the grandeur of the landscape. I get inspired when I’m able to capture moodier photos that include movement and the elements. Especially wind and water. It makes me feel connected to the earth, and alive.

YES! The wind and the water are two of my biggest muses, and I always try to incorporate something (fabric, hair) into images that will play off of those two. I have the desire to go moody, but am not bold enough to fully commit. I’m drawn to both light and dark.

Beautiful Photos. I find my muse in film. Seeing how others use color and light and shadow. Many of the Netflix Originals have amazing colors and emotion.

Awesome. I never would have considered that, but it’s a great source for inspiration!

I love the drama of this location! Those moments when a couple laughs right before a kiss and their faces are close are THE BEST. You did an amazing job!

Yes, laughing kisses are the best!

Beautiful words about motivation! I’ve been thinking a lot about this stuff lately too. Environment is huge for me: being in nature or working by a window with a nice view, a cozy fireplace in the winter or cool breeze in the summer. Love this post, thanks for sharing!

Sounds like an awesome way to unwind! Love it!

Ah, her flower crown! She looks like a goddess! Love the intimacy you captured with this wedding shoot.

Thank you:)

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