Elle + Ray | Intimate Elopement in Moncton NB

Weddings are usually big events: surrounded by lots of family and friends, at great local venues with the best food from local caterers. But large weddings don’t suit everyone. So what do you do when you’re getting married but you’re shy and an introvert? You plan a small intimate elopement in your home with just your closest loved one, and you schedule your wedding photos for a separate day so that you can exchange your vows privately!
Elle + Ray gave me the privilege of sharing this tender moment alone with them at the Manor, just outside of Moncton NB, a few days before their official ceremony. And though it was small and quiet, there was no less love. Elle was gorgeous in her wedding dress, with just a few flowers to add to the atmosphere. Their love and care for one another were evident.
This is definitely one of my favourite small elopements sessions I have photographed to date.


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