I feel like the photographer / bride&groom relationship is really one of trust. I am so honoured when couples entrust me as the keeper and captor of their wedding day memories. If you’ve picked the wrong photographer, or FAUXtographer (e.g. a friend of the family who bought a good camera, a coworker who likes to take portraits, or someone else equally novice), the consequences can be disastrous. Over the past ten years working as a full time wedding photographer, I’ve never stopped pushing myself.

You see, I really do take each wedding personally.  I work to earn your trust, so that you will let your guards down in front of me. Allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. Allowing me to create something poetic. Something raw and authentic and painfully beautiful.

I need you to trust me so much that you forget about me.

Bride with her gown, black and white silhouette


Okay, so don’t forget me ALTOGETHER. I mean, don’t forget to feed me at least 😉 And of course I will give plenty of ‘direction’ during your photo session part of the day. But even then, the goal is to help you be so focused on your bride/groom that you really do forget that you’re in front of the camera.


This beautiful couple was really something special. Adventurous, fearless, lively and kind, they had friends and family join them on their destination wedding from all around the world. They had guests come to Mexico from B.C, Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario,  Quebec, New Brunswick, Australia, Germany (and Portugal), The UK, and South Africa. SO many dear friends and family, from so far away, all gathering together to support these two; it really was something special.



The wedding day was laid back but intense; fun but deeply emotional. I love when my brides really enjoy themselves. I love when my grooms cry. I love when my bride wants to jump into the ocean with her wedding gown on. Yep, swimming in the water with a wedding dress is definitely my definition of the epitome of trusting your wedding photographer.



What a glorious beach wedding ceremony. Yes, the sun was shinning bright and people were swimming by, but the bride and groom’s joy was just contagious!

(The wedding guests and family members were also a little crazy. Sorry guys, just saying;) I swear, I did NOT pose the crazy shots. That’s all on them. )



And as the sun set on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2018, this lovely bride and her groom – along with a sneaky retinue of aunts and uncles, followed me down to the dock to take an epic plunge.  The most beautiful part though: these two love each other as fearlessly and joyfully as they live their lives.


Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Would you book a destination wedding, why or why not? Would you jump into the ocean in your gown? Or would you trust your photographer to direct you to do something equally as crazy?

Breath taking! I’ve been waiting to see this gallery! Looks like so much fun!

Thank you, we had a great time!

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