A Victorious Home Birth

January 1, 2018

Birth Photos for Wedding Clients

The birth of your child is one of the most defining moments of your life.

Ten years ago I travelled to Chicago to shoot the wedding of this dynamic couple. Now living in Seattle, Beth told me that they were expecting again and I  joked “Want me to photograph the birth?” to which she immediately replied “YES!”. Willing to accept the risk of me missing the birth entirely without being able to receive a refund, they booked me and bought my tickets. Travel dates were chosen and we crossed our fingers that baby would arrive during my visit.

Early Labour

Early labour and some contractions started while I was en route, and we were scared that I might miss the birth by mere hours! Thankfully, I arrived before baby did. And so the birth story commences:

My first day in Seattle we took a hike – literally – in hopes of encouraging those  irregular contractions into something more. They drove into the city centre to give me a taste of the West Coast. Then we went to their home and called the midwife for a check up. She came over with a bag of goodies and some encouraging words to help labour pick up. The other kids dropped in to say hello (they were staying with grandparents nearby).

Then everyone left, and we waited.  

Go Time. Or Not

2:30am – I receive word that it’s go time. “The midwives are on their way back and Joey is filling up the birthing tub.” There’s a lot of excitement in the air. Unfortunately, all that excitement cause the labour to stall. Beth and Joey try a sunrise walk with some coffee to get things going again, but soon it’s obvious that baby has taken a break. The midwives head out (to another birth, coincidentally) and momma and dad go for a small rest.

Later that morning – Contractions hit in full force. Then disappear without warning. This is becoming a pattern. Weird.

Lunch Time – Momma decides to just enjoy the day as though nothing is happening. (Good idea, in my opinion). So we head out to one of dad’s favourite bakeries. It seems to me that Beth is in active labour even before we even leave, but since no one wants to get their hopes up we head out and try to act as nonchalant as possible. Contraction after contraction leaves Beth speechless in the middle of the cafe. It’s time to head home and call those midwives back. Again.

The strong and handsome baby Michael Victorious finally made his arrival at 4:29pm, to the astonishment of his mother who did not believe any of us when we told her she was almost there. Following all her hand work, Beth relaxed in her room while Joey made her the traditional Filipino ginger chicken soup given to new mothers. All the siblings were ecstatic with their new baby brother.


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