What you need to know

You want your wedding to be


Fun and Unique and all about you as a couple

Planning a wedding is a BIG JOB that you probably don’t do often. Before you even start planning – before you start checking any of those boxes on the checklists from all the top Wedding Blogs like Junebug Weddings, Brides, Green Wedding Shoes or Style Me Pretty – here are 3 simple things you MUST consider!

Before you book a venue, make a budget or hire a single vendor you HAVE TO KNOW what will make you MOST HAPPY on your wedding day.

What do you love as a couple? What do you love individually?

Do you value outdoor adventure experiences? or Good local foods? Great art and architecture? Energetic get togethers? or Deep Conversations?

1. Know what you love.

Design your wedding around THe thing you love

and let go of everything else.

You will save both money and stress.

Trust me. You will be glad you got married: on a mountain top / at the greenhouse where your food was grown / in an art gallery / with a huge reception / with just your small close group of friends.

Drop everything that isn't important to you.

Seriously. This is your special day - you're not trying to re-create someone else's day.

You don't have to: have matching dress robes for a huge bridal party, light a unity candle, stand in a receiving line, toss a bouquet while Beyonce sings single ladies, hand out favours, etc.


2. Make it Yours

Be Together

Today is about the two of you.

Feel free to take time to do the things you love -

grab a coffee together at your favourite cafe,

listen to your favourite tunes.

Once you have cut out all the things that aren't special to you,

you free yourself up for less stress and more quality time.

Trying to cram as much into your day as possible?

Whatever amount of time you have budgeted for each event - leave extra!

Leave extra time for:

- Traffic

- Chatting

- Eating/Washroom breaks

- Makeup/Outfit touch ups

3. Leave Time

Optimize your time by paying attention to FLOW.

Having your family photos immediately before/following the ceremony, doing your first dances as you enter the reception, little things like this can keep the day running smoothly from one moment to the next.

Wiggle room in the schedule

means LESS STRESS when things don't go as anticipated

This is your official permission to

design your wedding

your way

and enjoy every minute of it


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