You Can Afford a Birth Photographer

February 27, 2020

Let’s cut to chase: Hiring a Birth Photographer can be a big investment! Having a child is already expensive enough – paying for a Doula, a whole new wardrobe to accommodate your changing body, a whole new wardrobe for the baby, furniture, car seat, baby carriers, the list goes on! It’s hard to imagine adding anything on top of all of that.

How can you justify spending so much money on something that people consider a “luxury”?

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Don’t abandon the dream – You really can afford birth photography!

Here are just a few ideas for making Birth Photography a reality for you. Let me know if you think I forgot anything!

Gift Registry

Friends and Family enjoy giving gifts to new babies – it’s a great way for them to show their love an excitement. Sadly, most of the gifts you will receive won’t even be used. (I know this from experience). Skip the unnecessary clutter and consumerism and ask for something much more meaningful instead: help paying for your birth photographer! Every little bit helps!

I will be working on setting up a registry page, so that family and friends can contribute directly to your registry. Until then, why not make a baby shower of it!

Request A Payment Plan

I feel like this is obvious, but I have a hunch that many people don’t know this is an option: ask your photographer for a payment plan! Almost every birth photographer I know offers them (and yes, I know a lot of them!) Contact them as early as possible, so your payments can be spread out over the majority of your pregnancy. My standard Birth Photography Package, when spread out over 7 months, comes out to only $80 a week. The key is to start as early as possible.

Credit Payments

Happy news! As of 2020 I now accept credit card payments for Birth Clients only! You pay with your visa, mastercard etc. online. (Also, many credit cards also now offer their own payment plan options to help pay it off faster).

Get Creative

When you really value something, you’ll find there are so many simple ways to rustle up extra cash. The following are just a few creative ideas, to get you thinking: sell that unused item that taking up room in your home; buy maternity clothing/nursery furniture/baby clothes used or get it free on your local buy nothing group then put aside what you saved; cancel your unused gym membership; avoid spending money on baby items that you really won’t need the first year (ask your friends what those are 😉 )

Consider a Fresh 48

Not yet feeling ready for Birth Photography? You can still capture memories with baby at their newest new. A Fresh 48 session (i.e. within baby’s first two days) is a great alternative. These casual, documentary style photos are tender, real, and meaningful, and are shot at the place of birth itself.

You can find all the information regarding my Maternity sessions (milk bath anyone?), Birth package, and Newborn photos – including Fresh 48 – on my Birth Packages page HERE!

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