I knew I had let the cat out of the bag when my bride said to me “You’re really competitive aren’t you?” But honestly I couldn’t help it: the whole wedding day was just too perfect. It was definitely better than all the other weddings that day;)

I couldn’t have chosen a more feminine pink but edgy design, couldn’t have chosen a better car (because 1930’s Rolls Royce’s are a soft spot of mine), couldn’t have timed the weather better. Despite the threat of ongoing thundershowers, it only rained when we were already indoors. The golden evening light at the ceremony glittered off of a million water droplets on the pine needles.

The bride and groom couldn’t keep their eyes from one another. Laughing, crying, sharing tender moments; this small wedding set in the hills of Edmundston was tender and laid back and emotional and fun all at once. But don’t take my word for it.

What can I say but Thank you Melinda + Andre for trusting my artistic vision, and letting me bear witness to some of your most intimate moments. It was seriously a perfect day.


Great work! This bride is mesmerizing.

Yes she is. They were the sweetest pair – you would think they had only just met based on how they couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other, but they had already been together about 13 years! We had a great day.

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